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Home Group – Meet Dr. Lauryn
Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Mindset
Guided Challenges and Trainings
Health coaching + group support

Feel Amazing in

90 Days or Less

Using the heal your root method

Women are often told:
“Your symptoms are normal…”

Daily Fatigue & Poor Sleep

Hormone & Metabolism Issues

Bloating & Constipation

Excessive Exercising

Skin & Hair Problems

These are NOT normal.

The Dilemma

To try to feel better, many women turn to diets, dogmas and Dr. Google. However, studies show:

80%people are overwhelmed with all the conflicting «health» advice out there.

We help SIMPLIFY healing.

How We Help

The model for Heal Your Root is simple: prioritize a holistic approach to lifestyle, nutrition, fitness and mindset to help women achieve sustainable results

What’s Inside?

A guided functional medicine group equipping women to transform how they look, move, feel & think.

  • Functional Medicine, Nutrition & Lifestyle Program
  • «Ask Dr. Lauryn» Q&A Calls + Trainings
  • Fitness App (Daily Energy Boosting Workouts)
  • Fun Group Challenges & Cleanses
  • Exclusive Heal Your root Facebook Group
  • Kickstart Blueprint Guide
  • (Optional) 1:1 Custom Experience (Blueprint, Coaching, Labs)
Get Started Today

Weekly «Ask Dr. Lauryn Anything» Calls & Trainings

The floor is yours! Ditch Dr. Google and get all your questions answered. Nothing is off limits.

Body-Boosting Workouts
& Food Freedom Guide

Daily workouts in your fitness app—created for boosting confidence, energy and overcoming your health challenges, plus delicious food freedom nutrition plan.

Insider Protocols
& Latest Research

Learn the latest insights and ask questions on all things gut health, hormones, metabolism, skincare, non-toxic beauty and more—get answers directly from Dr. Lauryn and guest experts.

Optional 1-on-1

Choose the “Custom” option to work with Dr. Lauryn and her team directly for a customized Blueprint, lab testing and game plan for healing your root.

How to get started?

step 1

Choose Your Path

Choose between GROUP or CUSTOM Track to get the ball rolling towards healing. You can’t go wrong with either!

step 2


Receive your Kickstart Guide to learn the Heal Your Root Method and begin experiencing total transformation.

step 3

Heal Your Root. Together.

There is strength in numbers! Work closely with Dr. Lauryn & the team and stay connected to the group for support.

What Others Are Saying

Sarah 42

I was already restricted to eating only 5 to 10 foods,but most doctors kept telling me to cut more...Heal Your Root helped me find peace with food and my body again.

John S.

I was already restricted to eating only 5 to 10 foods,but most doctors kept telling me to cut more...Heal Your Root helped me find peace with food and my body again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Will I get support & individual attention?

You’ll get tons of support! The program is designed not just to educate, but to offer opportunities to be seen and known! You’ll get invites to join our live Q&A calls with Dr. Lauryn, as well as participate in special small-group coaching sessions on a monthly basis.

Q.What all is included?

The “SIMPLE” path include:

  • Daily body boosting workouts
  • Heal Your Root Kickstart Guide
  • Biweekly Q&A calls with Dr. Lauryn
  • Emerging Research Articles
  • Interactive live trainings
  • Product discounts
  • Exclusive access to our private group
The “CUSTOM” path include:
  • Everything in the SIMPLE, plus:
  • Customized body Blueprint
  • 1:1 work with Dr. Lauryn & team

Q.When does the program start?

Now! You can enroll in the program anytime and join the crew. You’ll get instant access to daily workout app + invitations to join our bi-weekly Q&A calls and education sessions.

Q.What is the weekly time commitment?

Player’s choice! If you choose to participate in the daily workouts and nutrition plan, then allotting approximately 2 hours per day to move and nourish your body is appropriate!

If you’re just in it for the weekly trainings and interactive group, then We estimate that with daily workouts, you’ll spend 2 to 3 hours per week on this course.

Q.Is this a diet thing?

The original meaning of the word “diet” is “lifestyle.” This is a food-freedom-for-life lifestyle diet thing. Yes. You will learn intuitive eating skills. Mindful eating skills. And tons of nutrition myths and truths to say “take that!” to diet culture!

Q.What about exercise—do we talk about that or do it?

Daily body boosting “Heal Your Root” workouts are included in your program, built upon working with your body, not against it!

We provide gym and at-home options, along with video demonstrations if you need guidance.

Whether you are new to fitness or recovering from an exercise addiction, we meet in the middle and help you feel good in your body (and mind) when you move it, move it!

Q.How much does this cost?

The SIMPLE program is $49 per month; cancel at any time. For 1:1 support, our Custom programs are custom built to your unique needs and goals!

Every patient begins with the $295 Health Strategy Session where we get to know your story, set your goals and create a custom program for you. From there, you have the option to choose between one of 3 paths including:
6 Week Kickstart
Heal Your Root Signature Program (3-6 Months)
Most patients plan to budget between $2995 to $11,995 over the course of 3 to 12 months in their work with us. We will find the right fit for you

Q.Is this program 100% online?

Yes! The program is completely virtual, no travel required.

Q.What formats will content be delivered in?

You’ll learn in a variety of ways. There will be live online sessions, video content, and slide decks, as well as audio content and downloadable worksheets and resources. All you need is an internet connection to participate!

Q.Can you take this program if not in the U.S.?

Yes, we’ll hold live support sessions at various times and make every effort to accommodate those living in different time zones. And of course since the content is virtual, you can access it anytime.

Q.What kind of contact will I have with Dr. Lauryn?

Dr. Lauryn will host live Q&A sessions and interactive trainings throughout the program. She also hosts special guest experts on special topics, such as health coach scope of practice, the collaborative care model, and behavior change.

Still have questions?

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Choose The Best Plan For You


Evergreen Membership Program to Take Your

  • Nutrition, Supplement & Lifestyle Kickstart Guide
  • “Ask Dr. Lauryn” Q&A Calls + Trainings (Weekly)
  • Fitness App with Daily Energy Boosting Workouts
  • Monthly Group Challenges
  • Heal Your Root Facebook Group
$ 49 / month
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Customized Program to Heal Your Root

Everything in Basic, Plus
  • Custom Blueprint Plan
  • 1:1 Coaching w/ Dr. Lauryn & Team
  • Direct Messaging Support in the Portal
  • Access to VIP Heal Your Root Group
  • 50% Off Lab Testing & Supplements
Custom price
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What does your poo Say about you?

You’ve got to heal your gut to heal your root, so find out what it’s saying.

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