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Meal timing, portion guidance and easy meal ideas.

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Practitioner grade formulas to enhance your nutrition program.

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1000’s of quality supplements you can’t find on Amazon.

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Biohack strategies to improve & enhance daily wellness.

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Female hormone sign, thyroid issues, feeling tired, some girls have no period or bad periods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat are the advantages of these templates over other nutrition plans and diet templates?

They are health-centered, and healthcare practitioner created. Most nutrition and wellness plans out there don’t take your unique health needs and underlying root causes (from gut health to hormone imbalances) into consideration.

1. They are adaptable. Because your body changes as you feel better, these templates come with multiple phases, ensuring progressive health and keeping stagnation at bay.

2. They come with an on-boarding plan to ease you into the protocol. Many diets and supplement protocols are tough because they throw you right into the “fire”. The Blueprints stage in new dietary and supplement recommendations slowly to give your body to adjust, which means you get to ease in with much less stress to your body (and mind!)

3. They come with a post-Blueprint maintenance plan. Most diets just end, and leave you at a loss for how to eat on an ongoing basis.

QHow exact is the plan?

Your nutrition plan gives you three meals and a snack. Each meal consists of your choice of protein source, veggie/fiber options, and healthy fat sources. You get to choose all of those from a huge list of options, so it's not very exact at all! The purpose of these templates is usability for the majority of us (vs the precision that may be required by competitive athletes).

QDo I need to weigh and measure ingredients?

You absolutely don’t need to. Each Blueprint comes with a sample plate visual that lets you know roughly how much food to put on your plate to get close to the food amounts of the diet.

QHow much money will I need to spend on extra supplements?

It’s totally up to you! You’ll have a 10% off code with access to a doctor-grade supplement store where you can find all of your Blueprint recommendations and most people spend an average of $75-$150 on a few essentials to boost their body.

QWill I have to eliminate my favorite foods?

No way. Although it may be recommended that you reduce frequent consumption of inflammatory foods, no food is innately “bad” or “good”, and your Blueprint nutrition plan will tell you the 100’s of delicious foods that are particularly optimal to eat in “abundance”. Additionally, every day of the Blueprint lets you have a small snack of ANYTHING you want, so that can be the time you have a bit of your favorites.

QHow long do I follow this Blueprint?

Blueprint plans are typically followed for 60-90 days to allow enough time for a reset to take place.

QWhat if I feel worse when starting a new protocol?

Blueprint plans are not to be used as medical advice, and do not replace your medical and healthcare needs. Before commencing a new health or supplement protocol, consult with your healthcare provider.

Additionally, it’s important to note that some times when commencing a new nutrition or supplement protocol, “Herxheimer”, detox or “die off” reaction can occur as your body adapts and readjusts to nutrients or support that it may have been deficient in.

Herxheimer reactions are usually brought on by an increase in endotoxins, a toxic substance living inside bacteria and fungi (such as yeast), and may include symptoms like: skin breakouts, brain fog, sweet cravings, loose stools, bloating, nausea, swollen glands, headaches, chills, and/or fever. Typically, these toxins are stored within the bacteria, but if the bacteria begin to die-off, toxins are released into the body, causing the sudden onset of the symptoms.

Typically Herx reactions subside in 3-7 days, but in some cases can last 2 weeks. If you experience a Herx, general approaches are to:
1. Stop the supplements that caused the reaction and then stage them back in or pulse them slowly;
2. Try a different variation of the supplement or food that caused the reaction (ex. A different probiotic or liposomal glutathione vs. regular, pill-form glutathione);
3. Work with a clinicians to customize your Blueprint.

QHow/when will I receive my product?

All digital products can be downloaded at the time of purchase, we no longer email them to you. Confirmation emails are sent out shortly after your order is completed. Please be sure to check your spam, promotions, or updates folder as sometimes our emails are sent there. Fun fact: You can re-download any product you've previously purchased from the Downloads page of your Woo Commerce Account portal (accessible once you log into your account).

QDo you offer refunds?

Sorry, there are no refunds on our digital products. All sales are final.

QIs this customized to me?

The Basic Body Blueprint is customized to your unique health goal and challenge. However, if you want a fully customized Body Blueprint, we recommend the Custom Body Blueprint where a functional medicine practitioner specifically designs your plan. You can upgrade to a Custom Body Blueprint Here.

QWhat if I have another question?

Please contact support at support@drlauryn.com.


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